Terramycin Speed Tablets

A convenient oral formula for the individual treatment of cattle for diarrhea, pneumonia, transport fever and umbilical infection. For use in cows, sheep and foals. Each tablet contains 250 mg of oxytetracycline to protect against any disease. To control bacterial enteritis and bacterial pneumonia in calves of beef and dairy cattle - 1 tablet per 100 kg of female body weight for 12 hours. Double the dose for treatment not exceeding 4 consecutive days. Terramycin Scours tablets act as a broad spectrum antibiotic in beef and dairy cattle. A convenient way to control and treat diarrhea, pneumonia, fever during transport and umbilical infection with 250 mg of oxytetracycline HCl in the form of Tobramycin tablets. Terramycin Scours tablets are recommended for oral use for the control and treatment of the following diseases in beef and dairy cattle caused by organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline: bacterial enteritis caused by Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli (colibacillosis), and bacterial pneumonia (complex transport syndrome, pasteurellosis ). ) caused by Pasteurella multocida. For example, with diarrhea and fever during transportation. Provides a wide range of control and is quick to apply. This antibiotic is easily absorbed from the intestinal course, contains 250 mg of oxytetracycline, as well as vitamins A and D.

How to use Terramycin

Help prevent secondary infections. Comprehensive, broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Act in the intestines and bloodstream. Not recommended for use in dairy cows.

Do not use in bodies intended to produce real meat. Helps with diarrhea. They act in the intestines and vice versa.

For use in beef and dairy cattle, 100 per bottle. Characteristics Application.

For use in beef and dairy cattle for the treatment and control of diarrhea and fever during transport.

A convenient way to control and treat diarrhea, pneumonia, transport fever and umbilical infections.

There is no waiting period for this product for pre-ruminant calves.


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